How to Remodel Your Bathroom with a Spa Inspiration

Your bathroom should be a point of relaxation and calm after a busy day. Think of your favorite spa treatments. You can use the look and feel of a comfy spa as inspiration for your bathroom renovations.

For instance, you could invest in bathroom tile in denver co in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns that evoke a sense of calm and peace. Or you could add simple plush rugs around the tub, toilet, and counter for softness that you can literally dig your feet into.

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Color Matters!

Color makes a difference in your mood. There have been dozens of studies where color has been linked to expressiveness. For instance, a soothing blue could symbolize calm and peace. Whereas a bold red could represent passion, lust, and desire.

The biggest question isÂ… what color do you want in a spa-like bathroom? Lighter tones combined with darker tones will settle your mood but ignite your sense of adventure. It’s a revitalizing color formula to improve your mindset.

Check the Quality of Your Tub and Showerhead

The quality of the showerhead can make a difference in how good your shower feels. While the quality of your tub can make a huge impact on how much you look forward to your bubble baths. Test out tubs and showerheads before you invest in one you love.

Pro tip: Invest in a fluffy, oversized towel set for extra comfort.

Organize the Clutter with Accent Trays

Accent trays on your countertops will keep your toiletries in check. Plus, these trays can be colorful accents that complement the other colors in your bathroom. For example, if your walls are a light blue, your accent trays could be in tones of silver or dark blue.

Your bathroom time should be one of the highlights of your day. It should be a place where you want to relax and get comfortable after a stressful workday. Use the aforementioned suggestions as inspiration for a spa-focused bathroom remodel.